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13 – Fizz Telecom (1)

June 2006 – AdEPT Telecom acquires Fizz Telecom’s fixed line customer base

13th Acquisition in 35 months

The acquisition is AdEPT Telecom’s third acquisition in 2006, after acquiring Transglobal Limited in February 2006, and Admiral Managed Networks Limited in March 2006.

The 10,000 customers acquired from Fizz are a natural fit with with AdEPT as they are all fixed-line telecom small business customers.

Roger Wilson, Chairman said, “The Fizz customer base is of very high quality with 100% of customers taking both line rental and calls, many are on five year contracts, with 95% paying by Direct Debit. They are therefore similar to the majority of our existing customers and will fit neatly into our model.”

AdEPT have bought 10,000 small business customers from Fizz Telecom. Fizz Telecom continues to trade and continues to grow its business.